Nexon, maplestory item Improving, and the Folks

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Nexon, maplestory item Improving, and the Folks

Postby Mmoak2018 » 14 Sep 2018, 08:32

Before I start, I understand that GMS isn't responsible for the production of most of the articles and updates; this is KMS's job and GMS is a distributor of sorts, although we're all thankful for the articles that GMS does create it's personal. I do understand that the staff of GMS has had encounters with all the KMS staff sometimes to talk about MapleStory2 Mesos things.

It could seem like a silly idea at first, and really it does not sound fair at all now that I consider it again, nevertheless here it is:Many of this MapleStory community is discontent with the game's"pay-to-win" facet, aside from the people already at the top profiting it off, individuals who treat it as a chat room, also Nexon as a for-profit small business.

From a business perspective I must admit: the implementation of the possible system, and likely cubes in the Money Shop's selling was a daring yet profitable move for Nexon. The same goes to all the equipment safety such and scrolls. On that exact same token gear update means purchasable in the Cash Shop seems to provide a huge part of the earnings that occur, though I don't have any numbers to back this claim up.

There have been small changes, such as the tier-up system having chances and cubes falling slightly more often, yet there has not become the change that lots of players have been on the lookout for. It seems fairly obvious that cubes and scrolls provide just money for Nexon to look at changing their approach.

Since ideas and change relating to this appear to come so slowly, I thought that maybe we, the neighborhood, Official Site could take it in our own hands to brainstorm ideas that could boost Nexon's income like it might cover most of what blocks and other update items could have given them. Of course it seems ridiculous for us to work as their marketing team, but I do not really see any other choices if the company stands so firm about maintaining this match because"pay-to-win". Also, I haven't found a means for these thoughts not to be abused and used along with what enhancements and the cubes supply for more profit.
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